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The value and values of libraries (.PDF)

A talk given at the " Celebration of Libraries " Sheldonian Theatre
Oxford, England, September 20 th 2002


Authority Control in the Context of Bibliographic Control in the Electronic Environment (.PDF)

International Conference on Authority Control
Florence, Italy, February 10-12, 2003


How the English See the French, a Personal View (.PDF)

A talk given to the Alliance Française
Fresno, California, October 21, 2003


A profession that looks like America? (.PDF)

Social Responsibility Round Table Newsletter
November, 2003


A unified approach to the teaching of library studies pdf (.PDF)

A paper given at the EUCLID conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 12th, 2005


Public libraries in the United States pdf (.PDF)

Seoul, Korea, August, 2006


The heart of the academy pdf (.PDF)

Remarks at the opening of the Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University Orange, California, February 11th, 2005


Library Advocacy pdf (.PDF)

A presentation at the 52nd National Conference of the
Associazione italiana biblioteche ”Le politiche delle biblioteche in Italia. I servizi” Roma, San Michele di Ripa Grande, 23rd November 2005


Cataloguing the Web: an oxymoron? pdf (.PDF)

Alaska Library Association, February 2006


The Wrong Path and the Right Path
The role of libraries in access to, and preservation of, cultural heritage
pdf (.PDF)

Keynote speech at the Sofia 2006 conference:
“Globalization, Digitization, Access, and Preservation of Cultural Heritage” Sofia, Bulgaria, November 8th, 2006


The Louder they Talked of Outcomes, the Faster We Counted Our Beans pdf (.PDF)

Measuring the Impact of Academic Libraries, SCONUL, London 29th November 2009



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